Stuff to do with internet security from the last week or so

Should we be worrying about phone hacking An article by Larry Greenemeier, for Scientific American investigates the recent buzz around smart phone hacking, Whilst Phone hacking is nothing new a few recent exploits have put the issue back into the public eye once again. With this of course come the inevitable response from concerned lay people that they now have another device that they have to protect from “Joe Hacker”. However is this concern warranted. Well according to Greenemeier, not really, not yet. Despite the ubiquitous presence of smart phone technology, numbers still pale in comparison to the number of PC machines out there. This in combination with Apples penchant for controlling the app development process since day one,has meant that any cyber criminal has found it harder gaining a foothold on mobile devices than a much easier PC environment. Samsung too with its android OS, was designed from the ground up to be secure and as long as the updates are maintained then android devices are in a similar vein to iOS devices. So it is clear that these devices are harder to hack than any PC based architecture and any cyber criminal is more than likely out to make money by getting in quickly and moving on to the next target, In short they are going to be making more money for less effort with a PC based system. This however is not going to be the case forever. As more and more devices are connected and used for online banking and shopping they will become a more attractive target for any would -be cyber criminal. When that happens is anyone’s guess, but for the time being making sure that you keep you device updated and being aware of App behavior is likely to be enough unless you piss of a hacker.

Apple Developer Site back after Eight Day Hiatus. Thursday 18th July the apple website went offline, however it wasn’t until the following Sunday, that Apple admitted that they where responding to a security breach. In their email to developers they stated that they where overhauling all their systems and that it would take significant amount of time. It was shortly after this announcement that a self proclaimed security expert Ibrahim Balik living in the UK came forward saying that he was responsible for the compromise which saw developers emails and account details collected. Doubt was latter placed on Baliks’ statement when it was found that the emails he used as proof for his attack where from accounts that where no longer active. Balik claims that he was not acting with any malicious intent, but was merely pointing out flaws in Apples design. The big tech device manufacturer did not see it that way  and Balik may be facing legal action.

We Live in a Time of Information Under-load Steven Rosenbaum from Forbes has written an article on how to sift through the Dross to find the Gems

More Security vulnerabilities found in Car ECUs If you have a car with park assist and ABS, hackers can now control your steering and brakes with a few minutes access to the OBD port. There is also this one as well


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