The Role Of Climate On African Stone Age Technology

An interesting blog about the influence of climate of stone age tool development

Nature Communications published an article in May, 2013 that just now caught my eye. The paper’s title, “Development of Middle Stone Age innovation linked to rapid climate change,” lays down a solid understanding of what the authors found… The one line summary of the article is: the authors observed that very abrupt changes in rainfall in South Africa, about 40,000 – 80,000 years ago, correlated with the development of new technologies.

The global climate of last million years varied between glacial and interglacial periods. These changes occurred about every 100,000 years. But within these long-term periods there have been shorter blips of climate changes, sometimes happening in the span of just a few decades. During these short blips, variations of up to 10ºC in the average temperature of the polar regions are caused by changes in the Atlantic ocean circulation, which ultimately affected rainfall in…

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