A little bit of a rant about interface design

Hi all,

Just wanted to blog about my experience learning the Word Press CMS. Essentially,  for an absolute novice like me, if I have to look up how to add  in text links, then your GUI sucks. Not only that, if your interface disables usability features on my iPad, its also archaic and not compatible with mobile technology. Word Press, you need to fix the interface so that I am not waking my partner in the middle of the night with my screams of frustration because its taken me fifteen minutes to do something that should taken ten seconds if that.  You need to change the link icon so that it doesn’t present the user with a road block in terms of intuitive functionality. Having a tool tip say highlight text to activate would have saved me ten minutes off D*******g around. You also need to fix it so the iPad keyboards complete functionality works and the circular magnifier thingy actually works and I can correct my typos.


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