The week that was, for all things gadget-like

When is a Canary Not a Canary?

Take a HD Camera, a motion sensor, an accelerometer, motion sensor, night vision, RGB leds, infra-red motion detection and a ear splitting siren and what do you get….a Canary. Let me explain. This smart little device is looking to replace your in home security system with something that is sleek, sexy, and affordable too. I will let Nick Summers from TNW explain the rest, here.

Soon It Wont Be So Weird If you Glow In The Dark

A team from the Javey Lab at Berkeley, have developed an electronic skin that glows proportional to the pressure  applied to it. The team made the announcement in Nature Materials. The device has application for turning barren surfaces into touch sensitive interactive devices. The so called e-skin has many application in the field of robotics and others. The article from wired journalist Nadia Drake is here. For those that have access the journal article is here  

Apple looking to make a smart watch

The rumor mill is buzzing with the news that Apple is going to be making a smart watch. Slated for release sometime between 4Q2013 and 4Q2014,  the device has seen some  additions to the team at Apple that hint at it being the next great thing to take with you to the gym with an array of biosensors rumored to be included. Other features include, social networking and receiving calls and SMS. The display will more than likely be something inline with the iPod nano and may well include the liquid metal case if a recent patent is anything to go by. One thing is for sure  if  the initial slow take off of the offerings from Sony and Pebble is anything to go by then the iWatch ,as everyone is calling it, is going to have to be every bit the  game changer its shaping up to be.

Wax on, Wax off; to control your PC

Leap motion has released its much anticipated, Leap Motion Sensor a device that enables you to control your PC with hand and finger gestures. Along with the release is the Airspace which has close to 80 apps on offer 30 % of which are free. Tomio Geron from Forbes wrote this piece about it.

Volvo release smart looking solar panel that Folds into the Boot.

Volvo has bucked it own trend of putting safety of style and release a portable solar panel for recharging the batteries in its Electric Hybrid V60 models. The panel unfolds from the boot and cover the car so that its batteries can be charge any where the car is parked and there is sunlight. Wireds Joseph Flaherty wrote this piece about it

Now this is Really Cool

A team from Tokoyo University has developed an ultra thin electronics circuit that could mean that a new age of electronics is on the way with implantable sensors for blood pressure and temperature and wearable devices just some of the possibilities. The team published their results in the journal Nature on Wednesday. Believe  me folks this is huge!!!!!


Nature Article


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